As of the 1st of April 2013, the law regarding personal inury Accident Claims is changing. CHRIS LINNITT, head of Linnitts Solicitors Personal Injury department writes,

'You know those annoying text’s you get “Your claim could be worth £3,750, text 8750 for more info”..... do you hate them and find them as irritating and  annoying as I do?  I even get harassed by email ..... and when I’m surfing the internet , Arrgh!!!!  Well these intrusions come from Claims Management Companies who farm claims, and sell your details to solicitors, who then pay the Claims company a referral fee.. This practice has now been banned by the government.

You may ask yourself, “Well so what?”. What this means is that you can choose who you wish to instruct, or you may even deal with the insurers direct.

If you do decide to deal directly with insurers  such as AVIVA, Saga, Admiral and many others, they may well make you an offer which they call “pre-med”, by this they mean pre-medical report.  No medical expert will have assessed your injuries and you may have no idea how long your injuries may last or whether they may re-occur in the future. The insurance company will say that their offer is in your best interests and they are likely to offer you around £1,050. These amounts are temping because of the offer of immediate payment. Many people are under settling their claims as a result.

We have heard of this happening on so many occasions, therefore each time somebody comes to us we review their case. We have increased their compensation by 100% or more!

So if you are made an offer, do not accept is as full and final settlement but as an interim payment only, then seek legal advice from us'.

Linnitts Solicitors are experts in all types of accident claims and clinical negligence claims.  Chris Linnitt, is an above knee amputee and knows what it is like to be involved in an accident and go through the compensation process. Why not visit to find out what happened.

To avoid costly mistakes it is wise to instruct a solicitor who has expert knowledge in these areas. For more information please call Chris Linnitt, Head of the Personal Injury Department on 01626 333380 or out of hours on 07814 265 288. Alternatively, call in and see us at our offices in Newton Abbot, alternatively we will come and see you (even if you’re in hospital!). Our offices are based in Wessex House, Teign Road, next to Tuckers Maltings. You can also visit our website at and we are on Facebook and Twitter!

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