Linnitts Solicitors has a department that specialises in accident at work compensation claims.

We have experienced qualified specialist personal injury lawyers who handle significant work injury compensation claims in almost every type of workplace. If you suffer an accident at work, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for accident at work compensation.

Accident at Work claims we have handled successfully include:

  • Defective machinery or dangerous machinery
  • Slips or trips on debris or dangerous surfaces
  • Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  • Injuries suffered in the construction industry
  • Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances
  • Employees exposed to violent attacks by patients or customers

According to The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) individual employees lose around five hundred and fifty million pounds a year in reduced income and expenditure as a result of accidents at work. Victims and their families suffer in the form of pain, grief and loss of amenity.

Work injury damages claims

Work injury damages claims is the term used to describe compensation that a court may award to compensate for the loss, harm or injury suffered by an employee due to an accident at work. Your employer has to try to ensure that you carry out your work in the safest way possible but must take into account the type of job you do, the equipment that you work with as well as the materials you use and the tasks involved. Employers must ensure that the place, or places, where you work and their premises in general are safe for their staff. For example if office floors were left wet or cluttered with cables or files on which employees slipped or tripped up then the employer has breached their duty of care owed to their employee. Employers are also responsible for the heating and ventilation of their premises, the lighting and even the car park.

Accidents at Work - A Guide

If you work for a living (i.e. you are an employee) and you are injured in an accident at work, it could be possible for you to claim compensation from your employer. Your employer may be liable to pay you compensation if it is proven that they have failed to take reasonable care to prevent injury to you or your colleagues.

Linnitts Solicitors provide complete accident at work compensation claims advice, information on employment-related issues and benefit advice where appropriate.

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