Injuries Caused by Accidents in a Public place

 A 2 minute guide to making a claim

If you have an accident in a public place due to someone else’s negligence e.g. by tripping on a broken paving stone, you may be entitled to claim compensation. You will need to prove that you were owed a duty of care by someone, that that person was negligent in performing that duty, that their negligence caused the injury and that the risk of injury was foreseeable. All landowners have a duty to maintain their land to a safe and reasonable standard, so this includes places such as supermarkets, banks or airports. Public authorities also have a duty of care to the general public to maintain roads and pavements in a reasonable condition.

Many defendants will have some form of liability insurance, such as occupier’s public liability insurance, to cover the costs of damages awards. If you were also negligent and this contributed to the accident, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot claim compensation although it could mean that your damages will be reduced.

The person or company owning or being responsible for maintaining the public area should have taken out a public liability insurance policy to compensate members of the public for any injury they sustain whilst on the property caused by their negligence; therefore your personal injury claim for compensation will be made against that insurance policy.

Complex claims can take longer to settle, as defendants may contest almost any aspect of the claim. Damages awarded will take into account factors such as loss of earnings or physical pain. 

Accidents on public property

If your accident occurred on public property during the course of your employment you may have a claim against your employer depending on the circumstances.

Some of the most common public liability compensation claims we deal with involve:

  • Injuries caused by dangerous footpaths or pavements, untreated ice and snow, pot holes, tree roots and steps or staircases in disrepair.
  • Slips or Trips inside supermarkets, shopping centres, DIY stores, car parks, amusement parks and restaurants, etc.
  • Injuries caused by sharp objects or objects falling from a height in a public place.
  • Broken down fences or other obstructions to the highways or pavements including unlit skips located on the highway at night, litter and rubbish bags creating a tripping hazard in walking areas or badly parked vehicles on the roadway which may partially obstruct the pavement.

There are also many other circumstances where you could be injured on public property.

Making a claim for compensation

If you have suffered an injury after being involved in an accident in a public place, contact us and we will discuss with you whether we believe you are entitled to make a public liability compensation claim.

To book an appointment call us on 01626 33 33 80 or complete our Request a Call Back form and we will call you back, at a time to suit you, free of charge.

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