Aeroplane and Airport Accidents

You and your family have saved hard and are looking forward to your holiday when one of you suffers an aeroplane or airport accident such as:

  • Hot food or drinks being spilled onto passengers by cabin crew
  • Food poisoning from airline meals
  • Passengers being hit by falling objects from above
  • Passengers injured by trolleys being moved up and down the aisles
  • Lacerations caused by sharp edges of seating etc.
  • Slips and trips on plane stairs, jetway or loading bridge

Did you know that if you have been involved in an airport accident or injured in a plane, a claim can be brought under the Montreal Convention 1999 (it even protects your baggage!). The convention covers most accidents and injuries that occur after you have gone through passport control until you pass through passport control at your destination, including the flight itself.

Personal Injuries caused by Plane Crashes 

An aeroplane can encounter many difficulties taking off, flying or landing. Some of the most common causes of plane crashes or difficult landings and take offs include:

  • Weather conditions such as lightning, ice and snow and volcanic ash 
  • Birds striking the plane
  • Engine failure or stalling 
  • Fire
  • Misinformation (from ground crews, air traffic control or maps)

Injury Claims on Aeroplanes

If you have an accident whilst on an aeroplane and wish to claim compensation then you must bring a claim for personal injury with 2 years of the accident date.

Due to the shorter time limits involved, if you have been injured whilst travelling on, boarding or departing an aircraft you should seek immediate legal advice about whether you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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