Death at Work

Few things in life are certain – other than death and taxes. What happens if you lose a loved one or a family member as a result of an accident? Accidents at work happen and on occasion this can have the devastating result of losing a loved one.

Personal Injury Claim

Like all personal injury compensation claims, you will need to prove that the fatal accident was caused as a result of the negligence (fault) of another party and once you instruct a personal injury solicitor, they should assist you in compiling the evidence and presenting it to the Defendant's insurers.

The compensation awarded to a family on behalf of a deceased relative can include an amount for the pain and suffering of the deceased, repayment of actual losses such as funeral expenses and a bereavement award for the deceased's spouse or parents.

Cohabitees in long term unmarried relationships known as common law husbands and wives who have lived together continuously for more than 2 years prior to the date of death are essentially treated the same as married partners and can claim compensation in the same way. Equally, partners in a Civil Partnership or any individual that has a financial dependency on the person killed may be able to claim compensation too. This can include grandchildren if they are being cared for on a permanent basis by a grandparent who is killed, dependent or elderly parents or persons with a disability in a similar dependent position.

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