Holiday Claims - Dysentery/Shigella – "diarrhoea"

Children under 10 years old are most commonly affected by dysentery in all-inclusive hotels.

"The disease is characterized by a short period of watery diarrhoea with intestinal cramps and general malaise, soon followed by permanent emission of bloody, mucoid, often mucopurulent stools. Outbreaks of dysentery due to S dysenteriae type 1 are frequent in poor populations living in crowded settings where hygiene is poor and sanitation non existent. Acute complications may occur that include peritonitis and septicaemia, especially in malnourished children, and the severe Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) with renal failure. Since the late 1960s, pandemic waves of Shigella dysentery have hit sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and South and South-East Asia, Thailand, Vietnam and often striking areas of political upheaval and natural disaster. During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, approximately 20 000 Rwandan refugees who had fled into the North Kivu region of Zaire died in one month from dysentery caused by a strain of S dysenteriae that was resistant to all commonly used antibiotics.

Shigellosis is transmitted from humans-to-humans by the faecal-oral route via contaminated food and water or through person-to-person contact, as often observed in institutionalized populations. Transmission by house flies has also been documented. Infection is common among travellers and military troops deployed in camps with less than optimal hygiene conditions."  Read more

Holiday Sickness claim for Shigella

We had a client recently who contracted Shigella who was awarded £15,000 in compensation.

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