Holiday Compensation Claims

Slip or Trip Accident Claim

The Buffet

There you are, on your first day of the holiday in the buffet area. Some person ahead of you in the queue has filled their plate like it is the last supper! Sauce is spilled on the floor, either from them spilling it or by the chef pouring it on your plate. You pile you plate and then before you know it you are looking at the ceiling in pain from where somebody has spilt sauce and the staff have failed to clean the floor. Your holiday is ruined because of the pain you are in.  What if this was your dream holiday? All that saving, extra work, all that look forward to a break, GONE! It could have been so easily avoided.

Accidents happen frequently in the Buffet restaurant. Why? Because the floors are usually tiled which if left with grease, food or drink can be compared to an ice rink! Tiled surfaces can be extremely slippery so be careful.

You can protect yourself from slipping over. If you notice a spillage, then report it to waiting staff immediately, you may even prevent someone else from hurting themselves and having a ruined holiday. On an all inclusive holiday the hotel is legally obliged to protect against this risk.

Drowing or a Serious Injury Claims

Swimming Pool Accidents

It is a regular occurence to see in the news a report relating to a drowing or a serious injury whilst holiday abroad. Figures collated by APIL show that many an accident occurs on the first day of the holiday. This is because children can't wait to get in the pool, and might just simply dive in without checking the depth which could result in a tragedy. Children being children are so excited and keen to dive into the swimming pool and play. Alcohol is also a key indicator in swimming pool accidents.

Balcony Falls

How often do we hear of an accident where someone has fallen off a balcony and died? The answer, too frequently! Balcony rails are often low and built to a poor specification and would allow a child to fall through. The rails may be unsafe to lean on and may not have been maintained properly. People also show off jumping from ridiculous heights or even balconies and end debilitating injuries such as paraplegia or tetraplegia.


Accidents in lifts do happen.  ou might slip up on the way in to the lift because the lift does not align with the floor. There might not be an internal door in the lift which could result in a nasty injury to the hand or arm especially to a child. Remember, supervise your children at all times.

Remember, health and safety signs are there for a reason. Do not ignore them and please ensure that you are continuously supervising your children.

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