Holiday Health Warnings

  1. If your holiday representative advises you that you have a cold, or you have eaten too much or caught a virus on a aeroplane then remember that they are not qualified to make a formal medical diagnosis and you could be exposed to long term health problems.
  2. When you are arrive at the swiiming pool make sure that swimming pool water is clear, cyrstal clear. Swimming pools have to be cleaned frequently with procedures in place to cover peronsal accidents such as children's vomit. If it is not crystal clear, then do not swim in it.
  3. You can really lower the risk of Salmonella food poisoning whilst on holiday.  Make sure food areas are clean and staff wash their hands before food touching food and in the delivery of food. If they don't then inform your rep. Make sure that the hotel staff are not cross contaminating the food, i.e. mixing raw meat with cooked meat or fish. If the food is not the right temprature or looks raw, then don't eat it. 
  4. Drink water out of bottles and ensure that food like salads have been washed with clean water. If it is apparent that it is local tap water then avoid eating it.  Food such as chicken should be thorougly cooked prior to consumption.
  5. If you are holidaying in Egypt sych as Sharm el Sheikh and suffer an attack of diarrehea or are vomitous then you may well be prescribed a course of antibiotics. This could be intravenously (through a vein) or by tablet. Before you take any medication ensure you know why and in particular what it is. For example, Streptoquin, known to be ineffective against treatment for diarrhoea and is banned in many countries as can cause seroius neurological damage. It is wise to pack something called Immodium!

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