Winter Sports Injuries

Making a personal injury claim for those injured whilst skiing or snowboarding on a winter holiday

Like most sports, skiing and snowboarding carry an element of risk. The recent tragic Michael Schumacher accident has highlighted the risks of winter sports and although skiing is statistically no more dangerous than it ever was it's worth taking precautions when going on a winter holiday.

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Snow conditions can play a huge part in winter sport safety and by skiing with a local qualified guide you reduce that factor to an acceptable level. Most holiday makers will not leave the prepared pistes but those whom wish to venture ‘off-piste’ their holiday will carry additional risks. Like any sport it’s important to be aware of and heed any warning signs. Most avalanches triggered by skiers happen within sight of a prepared piste. Know the code.

Some ski insurance companies will now only provide cover to skiers who wear a helmet and it’s very likely that many other companies will follow.

Precautions aside and regardless of the technical prowess or experience of the participant it’s a tragic fact that accidents do happen.

If you need advice about any holiday related personal injury that you or a loved one may have suffered on a winter holiday please contact us.

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