The lockdown our nation has found itself in throughout the past few months has had many effects, some of these however are not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.

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It seems that many of us have been taking the time at home as a green light to get a new pet to keep us company. As a result there has been a 50% increase in enquiries for pet friendly properties (research conducted by proptech rental service Home Made).


Pets are often not accepted by landlords due to the wear and tear that can occur as a result of accepting them, there are however benefits to accepting those with pets as they often stay much longer, as they do not need to move in order to get their desired pet.


Charging an extra pet deposit is a great way around easing your worries. There is also increased demand for rentals that also have gardens, bike storage facilities and are within close proximity to cycle lanes.


If you are looking to begin accepting pets for your tenants, we can help you ensure that the correct legal documents are in place to protect you and your property. Please click here to get in contact with us.


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