Civil Litigation

Disputes arise from time to time, usually because mistakes have been made, issues overlooked, or somebody has simply done the wrong thing. We deal with private litigation and will ensure that you are given effective and appropriate advice.

We act proactively when it comes to dealing with civil litigation and use every method of resolving disputes including negotiation, mediation, arbitration as well as litigation. We will do what we can to provide an alternative to going to court, therefore reducing stress, time and of course, the cost.

We cover all types of dispute matters including:

  • Building disputes
  • Property or boundary disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy
  • Professional Negligence
  • Debt Collection
  • Consumer problems
  • Credit Hire Litigation
  • After the event insurance

To book an appointment call Newton Abbot 01626 333380 or complete our Request a Call Back form and we will call you back, at a time to suit you, free of charge.

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