As many are aware, in order to begin divorce proceedings immediately, one spouse must allege to committing adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion. However, this is now set to change. A bill introducing no-fault divorces in England and Wales has passed through the house of commons by 231 votes to 16 against.




The new bill, which will now be passed to royal assent, will be actionable by a statement that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. Under this new bill, couples are also able to apply for a divorce together, representing a mutual decision to divorce. 

Furthermore, keywording around divorce is to be changed under the new bill, with "decree nisi" and "decree absolute" to "conditional order" and "final order". "Petitioners" will also become "applicants".

Under the bill proposals, there must be a minimum six-month period between the lodging of a petition to the divorce being made final.

This new bill is set to reduce the trauma that many may experience when filing for divorce, modernising the system and allowing a reduction in tension.


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