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Linnitts Solicitors have joined up with Cancer Research UK to provide a Free Wills service for those aged over 18 years old, as well as participating in local charities schemes to enable and ensure that every adult has a professionally drafted Will in place.

It is estimated that as much as 60% of the population do not have a valid Will. At Linnitts Solicitors we want to help every adult to manage their affairs as efficiently and comprehensively a possible. We understand that this is a subject that many approach with some apprehension or anxiety, and therefore we are here to help make the process as efficient and as clear as possible for our clients – giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their wishes will be properly taken into consideration; without incurring expensive legal costs. This is why our Free Will service is so important.

We are often asked ‘why is it so important to have a Will in place’. The overriding reason for doing so is simply to ensure that you, rather than the Government of the day, decides who is to receive the benefit of any estate you leave behind. There are of course other compelling reasons to ensure that you have a valid Will in place and the following gives some further points to consider;

  • On your death you will have died “intestate” if you have no Will in place. This can be painful for your loved ones who may suffer financial hardship and distress at a time when they least need it, whilst your affairs are sorted out. The administration of such an estate is costly, and therefore less will be left available for your beneficiaries to inherit.
  • If you are a parent of young children then without a Will you will have no control over who looks after them should anything happen to you. In such circumstances, the courts will appoint someone on your behalf - someone that you may not have chosen.
  • Your estate may have to pay a charge of inheritance tax.  If you make a Will you may be able to consider Inheritance Tax Planning in the Will to minimise your charge to Inheritance Tax.
  • Your estate may not pass entirely to your spouse due to the Rules of Intestacy. This can cause extreme financial difficulties for your spouse, and may mean that assets such as your house will need to be sold in order satisfy the Rules of Intestacy.  
  • If you do not have any “close family” your estate may have to pay out large amounts in fees in tracing the relatives entitled to your estate under the rules of intestacy.  If you do not have any relatives then your estate may pass to the Crown and State instead of friends or charities you may have wished to benefit instead.
  • Without a Will, you may not be able to protect your loved ones from claims arising from Divorce, Bankruptcy or Care Home fee charges.   

At Linnitts Solicitors, we provide a Free no obligation initial consultation with a review of your current circumstances and arrangements. Should your affairs need updating, we will provide the necessary services to ensure your future, and your family’s future is protected to the fullest possible extent.

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