Children and Parenting Issues

As a parent you will have to make difficult decisions about your children whilst you go through a divorce or separation, and afterwards. Often it is difficult to agree on the best way forward with your partner. We are sensitive to these issues, and have considerable experience in helping parents to resolve their disputes in the best possible interests of the children.

Where children live and contact with parents

These are often the biggest issues facing parents who separate. If you and your partner cannot agree which of you your children should live with (now known as residence instead of custody), or how often each of you should see the children (now known as contact instead of access), or how parental responsibility should be exercised, then either parent may apply to the court for a decision.

Sometimes one parent wants to take the children abroad to live. The consent of the other parent is needed to do this. If this becomes an issue, the parents may need help from the courts.

If you and your partner cannot reach agreement on these issues an application to the court may be necessary. However, there are alternative routes you can try first to avoid this step, such as mediation or negotiations between lawyers.

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