Fees and Costs

Know your costs in advance

At Linnitts Solicitors in Newton Abbot we recognise that divorce and separation can have a detrimental effect upon your financial situation. We aim to provide you with a personal high quality service with clear and effective legal advice at a price you can afford.

Many people worry about seeing a solicitor because they fear spiraling bills and unknown costs. At Linnitts Solicitors we ensure that you are fully informed when it comes to the issue of costs. At the outset, even before you formally instruct us, we will advise you of the likely cost of your case. We will make clear whether any additional expenses may arise, for example, court costs. We will also discuss with you the possibility of you taking the benefit of one of our Fixed Fee Packages.

Worried about costs?

At Linnitts Solicitors we aim to set aside these fears by:

  • Discussing with you the issue of costs at the outset - before you instruct us
  • Offering an extensive range of Fixed Fee Packages so you know your costs in advance
  • Allowing our clients to place costs limits on their cases so that we do not carry out work over that costs limit without prior authority
  • Updating you regularly of any outstanding costs so that you are fully informed throughout your case
  • Accepting payment of invoices by instalments (where agreed)
  • Offering clients access to deferred payment plans so that their legal costs do no become payable until they receive their share of the assets in the divorce settlement

What is a Fixed Fee Package?

If you opt for a Fixed Fee Package, we will only charge you the amount quoted and will not go above this, no matter how long your case takes or how much work is involved. This is because we believe you should pay for the work done and not how long it takes us to do it. This should put aside any fears you may have of your solicitor deliberately drawing out your case to maximise costs. Our aim is the same as yours - to sort out your legal problems as quickly and as effectively as possible, whilst always acting in your best interests.

What if a Fixed Fee Package is not suitable in my case?

If a Fixed Fee Package is not suitable in your particular case then we will charge for work done on an hourly basis. We offer a highly competitive hourly rate and we will advise you of the likely cost of your case before you instruct us in order that you may make an informed decision. Generally speaking our hourly rates range from £150 per hour (£15 per letter or call) plus VAT to £250 per hour (£25 per letter or call) plus VAT depending upon the complexity of your case and the experience of the lawyer conducting your case.  All our staff are legally qualified and your case will NOT be handled by a paralegal. 

Not ready to formally instruct a Solicitor?

It may be that you simply wish to know where you stand legally and do not feel ready to formally instruct solicitors at this stage. In these circumstances a free half hour appointment or telephone call may be appropriate so that you can receive general legal advice concerning your difficulties and ascertain the likely cost of your case.

Need a One-Off or Out of Hours Appointment?

At Linnitts Solicitors we offer one-off Fixed Fee Detailed Case Assessments at our offices in Newton Abbot or over the phone. These appointments can take place in or out of office hours. You will receive detailed legal advice on your particular case for a period of one and a half hours for a fixed fee. If you then choose to instruct us we will then deduct the fee from your bill making the first appointment free of charge.

To book an appointment call us on Newton Abbot 01626 333380 or complete our Request a Call Back form and we will call you back, at a time to suit you, free of charge.

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