Metal-on-metal total hip replacements have a much higher failure rate than other options and "should not be implanted", say researchers.

They said data from the world's largest register of hip implants provided "unequivocal evidence" of the failure rate.

The risk was greatest for women, the young and for large implants.

The UK health regulator has already advised annual checks for people with large head metal-on-metal implants.

A six-year-old West Midlands girl who suffered severe brain damage in a car crash involving a speeding driver has been awarded nearly £5m compensation.

Cerys Edwards, of Sutton Coldfield, has needed 24-hour care since the crash in 2006, Birmingham's High Court heard.

Cerys' family will in addition receive £450,000 a year for the rest of her life.

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Judge sets precedent for future applications to withdraw treatment from patients who are chronically medically dependent

A woman reduced to a minimally conscious state by a viral illness should not be permitted to die because her life retains "positive elements", a judge has ruled.

The landmark case at the court of protection sets a precedent for future applications to withdraw treatment from patients who are chronically medically dependent. It is thought to be the first time a judge has ruled on a case involving someone who is minimally conscious as opposed to being in a persistent vegetative state.

The woman, now 52, and legally known as "M", as her family does not wish to be identified, had been due to go on a skiing holiday in February 2003 when her partner found her slumped in a "drowsy and confused condition".

Footballer's claim is dismissed as judge's ruling favours defendant's right to freedom of expression

Rio Ferdinand had an important and ambassadorial role representing the country as England captain, the judge said. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images

Footballer Rio Ferdinand on Thursday lost his privacy action over a "kiss and tell" story published by the Sunday Mirror.

The England and Manchester United star was not at the high court in London to hear Mr Justice Nicol dismiss his claim against Sunday Mirror publisher Mirror Group Newspapers. Ferdinand will pay MGN's legal costs.

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A three-year-old boy died as a result of the failure of a doctor to correctly diagnose his illness, a coroner has concluded.

Dr Shields had made a "clinical misjudgement" rather than a gross failure, but if he had got it right Alfie would probably not have died, the coroner added.

Ms Podmore said Alfie had been taken to hospital in February with a high temperature, but his illness was dismissed as a stomach bug and he was sent home with antacid medication.

Experts told the court that if an X-ray or blood test had been carried out, they might have detected pneumonia - and antibiotics might have saved his life.

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Supergrass use described as 'dancing with the devil'
• Gary Eaton's evidence dismissed by second judge
• Key witness in Daniel Morgan case mishandled by Met, report shows

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Gay men and lesbians in the US military can now be open about their sexuality without fear of losing their jobs.

It's after a law known as 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' officially came to an end overnight.

Lady Gaga has campaigned against the policy, calling it "unjust" and "wrong".

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A judge has strongly criticised the way a major motor insurer recovers the costs of repairing vehicles.

Judge Platt says Royal and Sun Alliance has used a subsidiary which inflates charges simply to boost profits.

He found the subsidiary increased labour costs without carrying out any work itself and made other charges it could not account for.

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Lord McCluskey's report is a setback for Scottish government's attempts to limit UK courts adjudicating on criminal appeals.

An expert panel has upheld the right of the UK supreme court to overrule Scottish judges despite heated and vigorous attacks on its powers by Alex Salmond and his justice minister Kenny MacAskill.

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Driver wins pothole payout from Coventry City Council

A  driver whose car was damaged by potholes in Coventry has won a payout after taking the city council to court.

Hamilton Bland took on the authority after it refused to compensate him for the £2,000 damage to his Mercedes.

He hit two gaping potholes in Canley during the city’s winter roads crisis in January 2010 when hundreds of new potholes appeared after freezing weather.

The 68-year-old former BBC sports commentator has now won a compensation claim of more than £2,000 – and hopes his case may pave the way for other people to do the same.

He took his claim to Coventry County Court after he hit potholes in Charter Avenue and the council said it wasn’t to blame.

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