Petitioner Divorce - Uncontested

What is included in the fixed fee divorce package?

All costs associated with obtaining an uncontested divorce.

An initial appointment or detailed telephone conversation with you is included in the price. We will collect all the relevant details from you, correspond on your behalf with the other parties involved (your spouse and their solicitor, if appropriate) and prepare and file all the relevant papers with the court to obtain a divorce as follows:

  • We will complete your Divorce Petition and issue it with the court.
  • Where appropriate, we will complete a form called a “Statement of Arrangements for Children” and send to the Court office.
  • These documents are then issued by the court and sent to the other party. The other party should then fill in an Acknowledgement of Service form saying whether they accept that the divorce should be granted. We will provide you with a copy of this form.
  • We will then prepare your Statement and application for Decree Nisi and file them with the court.
  • The District Judge checks all the paperwork to establish that you have proved grounds for divorce. If this is the case the court gives a date upon which Decree Nisi will be pronounced.
  • 6 weeks and 1 day later, provided financial issues have been resolved and you have instructed us to do so, we will make an application for Decree Absolute which then ends the marriage.

Throughout this process we will tell you when one of the above steps has been taken. You will be provided with email, telephone and direct dial telephone contact numbers for your solicitor.

Court fees

The divorce Court will require you to pay standard government fees. These are currently £550, to include the fee for when the Divorce Petition is filed and the fee to apply for Decree Absolute at the end of the case. These are included in our total cost for a fixed fee divorce.

How much is the Fixed Fee Petitioner Uncontested Divorce Package?

The fixed fee package can be broken down as follows:-

Our fees: £385
VAT on our fees: £77
Court fees: £550 (those on a low income may be exempt)
Total: £1,012 (it may be possible to recover some or all of these costs from the other party)

What is not included in the fixed fee package?

  • Any costs associated with a contested divorce
  • Any costs relating to financial or children issues
  • Additional fees – these are rare, but can include further documentation where the other party cannot be traced or is denying receipt of the divorce papers, or a fee charged by the Registrar for a copy of your Marriage Certificate (£9.50)
  • Any extra costs will be discussed and agreed with you before any work is undertaken.

Why pay a fixed fee?

By paying a fixed fee at the start of your case you have certainty about the costs involved. The alternative is to pay an hourly rate (currently £150 plus VAT) for the time your solicitor spends on your case.

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